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An employer who violates this law is subject to criminal penalties and civil liabilities. Signature of Applicant Date Interviewed by AUTHORIZATION AND RELEASE FOR PROCUREMENT OF AN INVESTIGATIVE CONSUMER REPORT I the undersigned give Olympia Sports and its representatives authorization to procure an investigative consumer report check all references and secure additional information about me if it is job related. I also authorize any person business or governmental agency that may have...
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2.1 or S4.2.2), IF APPLICABLE. I (person) am in agreement with the following and/or the policies and procedures of this store and as follows: I (person) understand and agree that all applications for employment are subject to this policy and in addition I (person) understand and agree that all employment decisions that are made may be subject to the following: (a) all applicants are considered for employment on the basis of qualifications and performance as set forth herein and that employees of this store and the other employers of record may review my credentials and qualifications upon request; (b) I (person) understand and agree that I (person) may be disqualified with not more than thirty days' written notice of the following in relation to any employee or applicant of this store: (i) criminal history that may be relevant to employment application; (ii) criminal charges; (iii) disciplinary matters; (iv) disciplinary hearings against me that may have implications for such an employee or applicant that may be relevant for employment application; (v) any health status or prior health status or condition that may affect my ability to do this job; and (vi) any inability or condition that may be relevant to, or may preclude, the performance of duties as such, including, but not limited to, any medical or physiological condition, physical limitations or physical impairment; (c) I (person) understand that I (person) may lose my place in the list of applicants if I am removed from such list for reasons of discrimination or harassment because of the disability, sexual orientation, or age, or any other protected status that may apply to such applications; and (d) I (person) understand that any application submitted by me to this store for employment is confidential, non-transferable, and non-assignable to another employee. Please review our Privacy Policy in regard to all of your privacy rights and obligations. By completing and submitting this form, you confirm your acceptance of this statement.
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